Jodi Lomask’s maquette for Capacitor’s  The Perfect Flower  - 8’ x 4’ x 4.5’ steel

Jodi Lomask’s maquette for Capacitor’s The Perfect Flower - 8’ x 4’ x 4.5’ steel



I have used these sculptures to practice being stable and solid for someone else. I have used these sculptures to learn how to fertilize myself - how to be a perfect flower with both a stamen and a pistol.

I have used these sculptures to describe a great love in which two independent people come together at the top. I have used these sculptures to explore my own thinking. They are the spells I cast to get where I want to go.

Let me help you adorn your home/ garden/ museum/ or institution with a motion sculpture that will give you the physical experience of what you hope to actualize in your life or to describe the scientific concept that fascinates you most.

You can have a motion sculpture for yourself.

Show me your space - inside or outside - home or garden. Tell me about your life and where you want it to go. Give me some time to ruminate. I will return with a motion structure that you can use to get a visceral experience of the place you want to go within yourself.

REACH OUT for more information.

What do you want from having a motion sculpture?

  • DRAW people into your garden?

  • ADORN your home?

  • EXERCISE on a more beautiful structure?

  • CONNECT to your property?

  • EXPLAIN an idea or process?

How you can acquire a motion sculpture for yourself:

  • MEET - we meet to discuss your goals

  • SITE VISIT - Jodi performs a site visit to measure, photograph, and explore locations for the sculpture.

  • DEPOSIT - You put a small deposit down to begin the process.

  • DESIGN - Jodi outlines a design concept - something for you based on your location, goals, and her intuitive response to the elements.

  • REVIEW - You review and approve the design.

  • BUDGET - We present the final budget for the work.

  • PRODUCE - We produce the piece.

  • GUIDE - We meet with you twice to help you interact with your sculpture. We connect you with a Capacitor artist for longer term trainings.

  • OPENING PARTY - We celebrate! You have the option to hire Capacitor for a custom performance at the opening party for the piece.